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Blueberry Bramble

Give a freshly handpicked wild blueberries taste to your cocktail!

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MONIN Virgin cocktails range

Virgin Cocktails Range

Today offering a range of sophisticated non-alcoholic cocktails is not so easy and most of the time always similar and flat. Besides what people really like is the flavour of the cocktails...

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Winter cocktails by MONIN

Winter Programme 2016

Here comes winter with its biting cold and shorter days. People want to wrap their hands around a steaming mug in a cosy coffee-shop atmosphere or by the fireside, snuggled in a...

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Popcorn syrup Halloween

NEW MONIN syrup : discover POPCORN flavour

Perfectly balanced and full bodied,  MONIN Popcorn syrup will add a roasted popcorn flavour with a hint of nuttiness in any coffee beverages and help craft unexpected classic #cocktails...

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